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FALL 2020


with Nathan Troup, Stage Director (

Faculty at Boston Conservatory and Boston University

This comprehensive, multi-level course is designed to advance the integration of your performance skill set and strengthen your creative process.



Tuesdays, 7-8:15pm

Sep 29, Oct 6, Oct 13, Oct 20, Oct 27 

Capacity: 6-10 singers





Thursdays, 7-8:15pm

Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29

Capacity: 6-10 singers


Once upon a time a few decades ago, the title of this class might have been ‘acting for singers.’ Over time, however, the straight-forwardness of that title became misconstrued and singers were suddenly ‘less than’ actors, presumed void of effective and expressive storytelling instincts. At face value, that title can all too easily suggest a remedial approach to acting in order to accommodate the implied shortcomings of the operatic artist. 

Instead of spending any more time trying to reinvent the same old “tricks” in an attempt to hide what we’ve been told are our short-comings, let’s tend to the mighty and expressive storytelling instincts and sensibilities innate to all singers.

Participants should plan to engage in:
-a more thorough analysis of the material
-thoughtful and informed constructive criticism
-facilitated group discussion/feedback

This will all happen within a supportive environment in which you’ll feel safe to explore, risk, create, and grow as a performer. This work is applicable to audition prep and role study. Whether you’re seeking to refresh your approach or start building from the ground up, this course is your call-to-action to manifest your goals as an artist into a viable, vocational reality. 

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